Competitive Cocktails – London Bars With Great Twists


London has a mind-boggling array of clubs, pubs and bars, it’s ingrained in the city’s history. From the toe-tapping jazz clubs of Soho to the laidback cocktail lounge near the Montcalm Hotel Finsbury Square London, there’s plenty to enjoy for a wind-down or a catch up with friends. 

However, to make a night truly memorable (watch those pints!) you’ll want a night with something a little different. London boasts a startling array of bars with a twist, all designed by the best in mixology, set dressers and sometimes even actors. Whether it be a tabletop sport that you can fumble your way through with a cocktail or an out of this world theme to transport you with whacky cocktails to match, there’s a lot to enjoy on special occasions or on a London city break UK. This blog will explore some of the best bars and event spaces in London that offer you more than just a local ale. Even if you have no excuse for a lavish night out, these activities are well worth the long booking queues in post-pandemic London.

Flight Club 

Flight Club is located in 3 different locations across London and offers parties of a minimum of 6 people the chance to enjoy a few drinks whilst playing a range of dart focussed games. Even if you’ve never played before, the easy-to-use interface offers visitors a range of party games that, you guessed it, involve a dartboard. Be careful not to aim the wrong way though, Flight Club Shoreditch, Farringdon and Victoria can get very busy!


Owned by the same parent company as Flight Club, Bounce Shoreditch and Farringdon offer more space and tables than Flight Club but this time offer ping pong games and the chance to win free drinks at their foot-thumping bar! Here, domestic travel tourists and London locals can team up to play ping pong and enjoy an extensive drinks menu in groups with up to 4 bats per table, as well as enjoying perks such as beer pong and the infamous “wonder ball” group game.

Bat & Ball

Another ping pong bar but this time located a little further east, Westfield Stratford’s mind-boggling table tennis bar offers all the perks of Bounce alongside blacklight infused dancefloors and a plentiful drinks menu. 

Secret Cinema

DOn’t be deceived, this isn’t JUST a film screening event. Secret Cinema focuses on golden oldies and nostalgic favourites, screening movies such as Bladerunner, Dirty Dancing and even TV series such as Stranger Things in a tailor-made event space designed to reflect the movie or show they’re showing. Alongside the film, you’ll enjoy an immersive experience with actors dressed to the nines to reflect the aesthetic of the screening and hands-on, interactive theatre that’ll no doubt get you in the mood for the movie showing. These screenings give groups the chance to dress up themselves and enjoy themed cocktail menus that’ll help your London getaway deal be one to remember.

Tanuki Games

Located in Deptford southeast London, Tanuki Games is a board game bar and pizzeria that gives visitors a chance to enjoy an almost infinite array of board games. Whatever takes your fancy, whether it be strategic conquests or quirky card games, there’s something for everyone here as well as unique board games for all occasions.