London’s 7 Best Sweet Shops


It’s hard not to get as excited as a kid when you’re in a sweet shop, and if you happen to be visiting London any time soon, you might be lucky enough to indulge in some of the best in the city. London loves great food after all, from amazing restaurants near Finsbury Square to candy and sweet treats of all varieties. So if you have a serious sweet tooth, read on to find out the best places in the capital to satisfy those cravings!

Hoxton Street Monster Supplies

If you happen to be visiting London with monsters of any age, this is the perfect place to help tame unruly beasts and ensure they’re kept happy. A short walk away from the Montcalm Royal London City Hotelyou’ll find one of the city’s most creative sweet shops.

Hoxton Street Monster Supplies stocks all kinds of classic sweets, with a monster-themed twist. You can find cubes of earwax, dragon treats and jars of night terrors on their shelves, as well as plenty of other inventively named treats. Sweets also often come with a fun and slightly ghoulish poem or story, making it an ideal destination if you’re on the hunt for a surprising gift.

Charbonnel et Walker

For grown-ups who have never grown out of their love for sweet things, this classic London institution is an absolute must-visit destination. Established in 1875, the glamorous Mayfair shop on Old Bond Street is one of the oldest in the city and serves up a truly luxurious taste of chocolate. Their decadent champagne truffles are exquisite, while their beautifully presented gourmet chocolate boxes make a truly special gift.

If you’re shopping for someone else, don’t forget to treat yourself to one of their mouth-watering chocolate bars too. Make sure you pair your chocolate indulgence with an equally luxurious stay, with one of the best 5 star hotels in Londonto relax and savour your treats in afterwards.

Hardys Sweets

For anyone who grew up savouring pick n’ mix selections from their local sweet shop, a trip to Hardys Sweets will provide a welcome visit down Memory Lane. You’ll find plenty of familiar retro sweets on offer at this old fashioned sweet emporium, with an enormous range of brightly coloured sweets presented in classic glass jars and tins. Look out for their delicious dolly mixtures and liquorice ranges, as well as more contemporary sweet selections too.

Alongside all the old favourites, Hardy’s also have a good range of vegan sweets on offer, making sure that there is ample of choice for everyone. With several branches across the city, there are plenty of opportunities to indulge your sweet tooth, wherever you are. If you’re craving something a little more substantial after all that candy though, try and leave a little room for dinner, and head to one of the restaurants near Finsbury Squarefor a more satisfying meal to end the day.

Dark Sugars

Located in Brick Lane, this exquisite chocolate shop is close to the Montcalm Royal London City, and an essential visit for anyone serious about good chocolate. Dark Sugars is passionate about crafting exceptional chocolate, and once you step into the aromatic store interior, you’ll be overwhelmed with the mounds of chocolate truffles and celestial-coloured chocolate pearl balls.

With an alluring variety of flavours, from chilli and lime to alcoholic pipette-infused pralines, you’ll be left captivated and drooling. While you’re trying to pick out the perfect selection, make sure you try their intensely chocolately “pitch black” hot chocolate, with mounds of chocolate shavings melted into a cup for a rich, dreamy result, or a scoop of their rich, creamy, chocolate ice cream.


With floor to ceiling shelves filled with a rainbow of sweet treats, SugarSin has one of the biggest and best pick n’ mix selections in London and is guaranteed to leave any sweet lover dizzy with a sugar rush. The store is in Covent Garden, making it the perfect place to get a quick fix of energy when you’ve had a busy day of shopping and sightseeing, but with an enormous range to choose from, don’t expect to leave the store in a hurry.

SugarSin has plenty to offer sweet lovers of all ages, from lots of fun treats for younger confectionary fans, and more grown-up twists on old favourites. Look out for their range of cocktail gummies, with flavours including sparkling rosé and dry gin, as well as their delicious gourmet fruit candy selection.

M&M’s World

Right in the heart of buzzing Leicester Square, London’s M&M’s World is the world’s biggest sweet shop, covering a dizzying 35,000 square feet with multi-coloured sweets and chocolates across the four floors. You’ll find walls covered with a literal rainbow of the popular sweets, with every shade imaginable. As well as lots of photo opportunities against the colourful backdrops, don’t miss out on trying the dozens of different selections of M&M’s on offer, from special occasion treats, to unique flavour combinations.

You can even print your own custom M&M’s in store, with your own photo, making a delicious, personalised memento of your visit. And if you’ve had your fill of sugar, you’ll also find some great themed merchandise too, from t-shirts and hats to sweet-themed mugs and coffee cups, to take home afterwards.

Hope & Greenwood

Passionate sweet makers with a distinctively British flavour, Hope & Greenwood serve up traditional confectionery, made with a dedicated personal touch. Many of their sweets come presented in a classic glass jar, evoking a sweet and nostalgic take, but you’ll find a deliciously contemporary flavour inside.

Look out for their gourmet fudge range, which includes tempting flavours such as peanut butter and Cornish sea salt, while their selection of gummies, mints and sherbets are updated with fresh fruit flavours and surprising combinations such as orange and chilli. With beautiful packaging and custom designs for their sweet range, these are an ideal choice for a gift or the occasional special treat.