Top 4 ancient Roman landmarks in the Quarter Mile

London Wall

The rich history of London dates back thousands of years to a time during the height of the Roman Empire. After settling in what was then named Londinium, the Romans proceeded to create some of the city’s most astonishing structures.

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London Wall

Tower Hill, London

After initiating a settlement in the heart of the Square Mile, the Roman forces decided to build a wall to surround the city and protect against attacks from domestic tribes such as the Picts. As time went on, the wall continued to serve as a defence until the city itself became too large to hold and the wall was all but demolished. Today, you can still find parts of the wall standing in areas such as Tower Hill. Be sure to bring your camera along to the Montcalm Hotel London so you can capture a piece of history at the London Wall.

London Mithraeum

Walbrook, London

During the construction of a commercial building in 1954, construction workers discovered a Roman landmark that had been unseen for thousands of years. The London Mithraeum, often referred to as the Temple of Mithras, once served as a place of worship to the god of mystery, Mithras. The unlikely discovery was one of the most iconic London finds of the 20th century and allowed historians to paint a clearer picture of the ancient practices of Romans in Britain. Take a trip into history and explore this beautiful hidden temple on your next visit to the city.

London’s Roman Amphitheatre

Guildhall Yard, London

Take a stroll to the heart of the city and explore the remains of London’s biggest Roman amphitheatre. The historic landmark was the built site of the iconic Guildhall building which serves as a pillar of the artistic and cultural community in London. As you make your way to the underground levels of the Guildhall Art Gallery, you will find all kinds of ancient treasures that date back to AD70. The Roman Amphitheatre is a perfect place to take the kids and teach them more about the history of London and the Romans.

Billingsgate Roman House & Bath

Lower Thames Street, London

Tucked away in the cobbled back streets of the Square Mile, you’ll find one of London’s oldest sites. The ancient Roman house has been dated back to the 2nd century and now serves as a museum for keen history-seekers, tourists and photographers. As you explore the underground site, you’ll be guided by an expert historian who will teach you all about its rich history and how the Romans designed some of the most breathtaking architecture in the city.