Best spots to enjoy fish & chips in London

Fish & Chip

One of the best cities to visit for the holidays is London. It offers an exciting blend of the old with the new and is home to some of the finest tourist attractions and iconic landmarks in the world. From amazing museums to grand palaces, it is interspersed with an eclectic array of numerous attractions, and indeed is a city that has something for everyone.

The best part of the year is to visit the city in the off season when the place is less crowded and there are a number of London hotels special offers available. It is when visitors to the city can save a substantial sum on accommodation expenses.

One such boutique hotel that is competitively priced but offers the best in terms of luxuries and facilities is the Montcalm hotel London.  Another benefit is it is well connected to the top tourist spots in the city. While in the city some of the best places to try the most popular local dish i.e. fish & chips are....

Bonnie Gull:  One of the best spots to try fish & chips in a unique variation is the Bonnie Gull Seafood Shack located in Fitzrovia. They serve chunky deep fried chips with haddock from the North Sea that is soaked in beer batter. The batter is a succulent Japanese tempura mix that makes it really crispy on the outside and the fish within is juicy, moist and firm.  Accompanied with mushy peas and terrific homemade ketchup, complemented by a seaside-style ambience it is a great place to eat.

Fish Central:  Fish Central opened in Clerkenwell in 1968, and has not changed much since its establishment in the swinging sixties. And that applies to the classic menu that is served here as well. As with its name fish is central to the dishes that are served here which include lobster, grilled sardines and oysters with only the finest and freshest of the stuff served here. Try their succulent, moist cod that is flaky with a slim but crunchy batter. And the chips are great too!

The Fish Club: One of the best places to enjoy amazing variations of fish and chips, with its sheer range making it one of the best places to enjoy this British staple dish. It has branches in Battersea and Clapham as well. Customers can choose from a wonderful array of fresh fish ranging from mackerel to sardines and then decide whether they would choose to have it grilled, pan fried, deep fried or baked. Try its coley that takes top honours. Simply delectable it is flaky and moist with a crisp beer batter that is served with equally juicy double-cooked chips. As an addition try the smoked sprats as well.

Golden Union Fish Bar:  An ultra-sleek modernistic Soho food joint is actually an incredible one and a half century old! While it is not possible as what was served on the menu back then but one thing is for sure it must perfected its techniques over the years which is proof of its enduring sustainability in a very competitive industry. They use a special blend of oils to fry and only use sustainable fish. There battered halloumi is simply a classic. It is extremely well-seasoned, highly flavoured and out of the flakiest you can find. The batter used is chewy yet crisp with the chips being just as fluffy and soft. A quality venue that is centrally located makes it a popular choice although it can be pretty pricey.

Kerbisher & Malt: You will find a number of Kerbisher & Malt restaurants in different parts of London in Clapham, Mortlake, Ealing and Brook Green. Their fish& chips are out of the best with fresh fish that is expertly fried in soft batter with lovely mush peas, and fat chunks of chips to accompany the scrumptious fish.  A wonderful ambience with a coastal vibe it is a great place to enjoy a classic treat of Britain.

Poppies: What makes Poppies so unique is its style that is modelled in a manner that is reminiscent of the East End between 1945 and 1955. A lovely retro place its style along with its fine food have contributed to make it one of the most popular sites  to grab a quick bite in the Spitalfields area. In fact it opened another joint in Camden that is equally renowned for its fish and chips menu that makes it a hit with the locals and visitors alike. The fish is freshly sourced from Billingsgate that is wrapped in a crunchy batter with the fish fillet within being flaky and simply yummy! Equally appetising are its other fried seafood platters.  Accompanying the delectable fish are chunky chips which are fluffy and full of flavour without being too crunchy. And to add to the authentic touch they are served in fake newspaper as well!