Interesting observations of visitors to London


Quite many residents of London will be rather quick to complain about the most trivial of things, from the weather to the daily commute to and from work. The fact is when you are familiar with something you tend to take it for granted, so it is interesting to read some of the observations that visitors to the city have. It gives a rather refreshing and contrasting perspective to what some of the most cynical Londoners tend to crib about life in the city. A few observations by tourists to London are:

Most of the Museums are free: Most of the prominent museums in the city offer free admission like the National Gallery, British Museum and the Tate Gallery among others. This is something which is not to be found in many other metropolitan cities in other parts of the world.

Amazingly cosmopolitan: We tend to use the term cosmopolitan rather generously when it comes to describing many major cities. London in the truest sense is one of the most cosmopolitan cities with people being rather cool with diversity. Everyone who stays in the city is considered to be a Londoner! It is more accepting of foreigners than most other cities.

Lot of smokers: London seems to have a large segment of the population that smokes. There are more people smoking on the streets here than you will find in most cities in the US. And they have a rather quaint habit of rolling their own cigarettes. Something which is out of fashion in most cities on the planet!

Plenty of live music: One of the most interesting things about London’s bars is that they have plenty of live music rather than having recorded music being played. There seems to be a profusion of local talent who are keen to exhibit their musical talent at bars. This is quite unlike the US where live music gigs are fewer in number at most bars.

Keen Readers: Most Londoners have a tendency to read on the Tube. And most of it is literary stuff which makes them quite unlike other subway travellers in the US and other countries.

Westminster: The area of Westminster tends to have a number of features that make it stand apart from other districts in the city. In fact a visitor to the remarked that it considers as being somewhat detached from the rest of London. Wonder what the residents of Westminster have to say to that!

The names of the pubs:  We all know the love affair that Londoners have with pubs. It is ingrained in British psyche and forms an integral part of British Culture. What make them stand out are their rather unique names! With names like Hung, Drawn & Quartered and Dirty Dicks they really bemuse visitors to the city.