Why is London Food the best in the world?

London Food

Welcome to the city of London, a capital steeped in rich historical achievement, a beacon for the arts, an example of architectural wonder, a pioneering force for global finance – and also the food’s not bad either.

London food has become more than just fish ‘n’ chips and pork pies. Nowadays, the city celebrates an incredibly vast spectrum of global cuisines and is home to some of the best restaurants in the world. During your next stay in London, make sure to check out all the incredible food London has to offer.

What is ‘English Food’?

What exactly makes up the traditional English diet? The ye olde English diet involves a lot of meat, game, breads and cheeses. Stereotypically English dishes include Cornish pasties, steak and kidney pudding, jellied eels, Lancaster hotpot, toad in the hole – and several over equally bizarre sounding meals.

During your trip to England, we’d recommend experimenting with ‘Pub grub’. Pub food includes cozy meal options such as bangers and mash, fish and chips and (of course) a Sunday roast with Yorkshire puds and all.

During ‘tea time’ you could try out some delicious scones with clotted cream alongside your cup of English breakfast tea or Earl Grey. All the out-there food terminology may be a bit confusing at first, but before you know it, phrases such as pork pie and Lady Grey will be your best friends!

Nowadays, English cuisine has refined itself a little. You can get some of the best vegan bangers and mash at Mildred’s restaurant in Soho, for example, or a harty Yorkshire pheasant meal at the Jugged Hare near Barbican.

London the food capital of the world

Why is London the food capital of the world? There are several factors that need to be addressed to fully answer this question. Firstly, London’s diversity of cuisine is incredible. You can find an All-American diner serving up red hot steaks and cheese fries, and just down the road you’ll find a prestigious Indian restaurant that encapsulates all the delectable flavours of the East.

Not only is the spectrum of global cuisine incredibly impressive, but so is the range of formality. On one hand, you have the fancy candle-lit restaurants with award winning chef menus, and on the other hand you have market stalls serving slices of gourmet pizza in the middle of Camden. This means that there is an eatery for every occasion.

How to find the best restaurants in London

Before you start your quest for the perfect dining establishment in London, you need to know a few things.

Firstly, most of the best restaurants in London won’t be found in Central London. Places such as Clapham, Shoreditch, Hackney etc. will have the best grub in town available. Sometimes the best way to find a good restaurant in London is by going out and going into the first place you find. There are a lot of hidden gems to be discovered, and experimenting is the best way to find them!

Secondly, doing research online is incredibly useful if you’re looking for something in particular. Reading reviews on several different websites, rather than just on one, will ensure you get a balanced idea of the establishment you plan to visit.

English Breakfasts – the best way to start the day

London offers good food all day long, but if you’re looking for a good breakfast – London is THE place to be. We all know what an English Breakfast is; if not, it’s a gorgeously lavish arrangement of sausages, bacon, eggs, tomatoes, hash browns – and more if you want! For example, The Breakfast Club in Shoreditch is a great place in indulge in both American and English breakfasts galore. If you’re planning on staying near any hotels near Shoreditch, you’ll be in for a treat.

Intriguing dining experiences

There are several places in London that offer diners a unique restaurant experience like no other.

At Dans le Noir, for example, diners are expected to eat in total darkness – this is to help visitors re-evaluate how they taste food, and how they interact with one another. An intriguing social experiment with some of the best gourmet food in London.

There is also the Underground Supper Club, where you can eat designer French food in a disused underground carriage.

London is brimming with one-of-a-kind dining experiences ready for you to explore.

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