How to Save Money in London

save money

Like any city London can get expensive. It’s easy for people to get taken away whilst on holiday in a new city and spend their budget sooner than expected – it’s more common than you think! How do you avoid this predicament? London is filled with financial shortcuts that will help spend less money while still having fun. You don’t need to hermit away from London’s marvellous array of city attractions, bars, clubs and restaurants to keep your wallet happy! Just follow our quick and easy tips and you’ll transform your decadent London getaway into a money savvy holiday.

Get an Oyster Card

Purchasing an Oyster Card is the best way to lower your travel costs whilst in London. What is an ‘Oyster Card’? It’s an official card that lets you tap in and out of all London tube/train facilities. Buying a day ticket or individual train tickets is a lot more expensive than tapping in and out. How does it work? It’s work on a simple pay-as-you-go system. After purchasing your Oyster Card, all you have to do is top it up with cash and start travelling.

Take Advantage of City Bikes

City bikes let you hire a bike for the day from an easy to use self-service docking station. There are several city bike companies that you will find dotted around the city. For example, Santander docking stations are everywhere in London and provide visitors with self-service bikes for hire for as little as 2 pounds. Rent yourself a bike and travel around the city without fretting about how much money you’ll need to get yourself home! It’s not only cost efficient, it’s also incredibly environmentally friendly too!


Yes, it may sound obvious, but the cheapest way to travel around London will always be walking. Did you know, during busy times, it’s actually FASTER to walk through Central London than it is to travel by transport. It’s fantastic exercise and you also get to see the sights and sounds of London you’d never see otherwise.

Book everything in Advance

Booking things earlier will help you save cash. The rule is, the earlier you book, the cheaper it will be; this goes for flights, west end tickets and everything else. Again, it’s common sense but you have the ability to save a LOT of money in the long run with this method!

Cheap theatre Tickets

Looking for a trip to the theatre without having to take out a small loan? Never fear! There are lots of ways you can get cheap theatre tickets during your time in London. Places such as the National theatre on London’s Southbank have Friday Rush ticket sales, which means that every Friday at 9am the theatre releases tickets for shows that currently performing. Trust us, the early rise is worth it - tickets are INCREDIBLY cheap and the seats aren’t too bad either.

Also, venues usually allow people to queue outside the theatre and wait for stand-by tickets last minute. These tickets tend to be a lot cheaper than original price tickets.

Free Things to do In London

A lot of London’s greatest attractions are FREE. Before exploring London’s eclectic cityscape, check out all the free venues that London has to offer. For example, lots of London’s most acclaimed museums don’t require an entry fee. The National Portrait gallery, The British Museum, Design Museum, V&A Museum are a few of the many free museums to visit in London.

Take a walk around one of London’s lush green parks. Reserves such as Hyde Park, Richmond Park and St Regent’s Park will leave you feeling serene and at peace – and, remember, it’s totally FREE!

Visit Trafalgar Square, the biggest GEM in the London crown. It is adorned with beautiful statues, bordered with art galleries and Churches (also free), and every single central London feature is only moments away. And you won’t have to spend a penny at Trafalgar Square.

Take Advantage of Hotels with Great Offers

The best way to spend less during your trip to London, is by getting an affordable hotel. But, and this is where the issue comes in, you don’t want to sacrifice comfort and luxury during your London holiday either. What do you do?

Finding hotels that have fantastic offers will help you save pennies whilst still being able to enjoy yourself in pure luxury. Check out our Montcalm hotels in Shoreditch, and other central parts in London, and get ready to be wowed by our incredible offers, packages and deals. Montcalm hotels have close proximity to all London’s major city attractions, whilst providing peace and serenity away from the hustle-bustle of busy London life. Expect nothing less than pure luxury during your Montcalm stay.

And there you have it! Tips from the tippety-top about how to save your pennies during your trip to London. Key things to remember is to take advantage of all the free things this city has to offer and the alternative travel methods that are available. Happy travels.