Where to get vinyl in London

vinyl in london

Vinyl has burst back onto the music scene in recent years, with record shops popping up all over the country. The old style of music recording has been revived thanks to hipsters and music purists all over the world. Popular artists have started producing vinyl albums alongside their digital releases.

London’s music scene has embraced the return of vinyl with open arms. A whole range of indie record shops have opened up all over the city, offering thousands of rare classics and new releases. Lovers of classic records will be needing a vinyl survival guide in London, so we’ve put together a list of some great places to update your collection.

All Age Records

This punk-rock record store is a small shop with a big attitude. The hard-core music outlet is known for its unique collection of classic rock records and its music savvy staff. The type of music on sale is definitely an acquired taste but if you’re looking for vintage punk albums or contemporary dark metal, you’re bound to find a bargain in the crates at All Age Records.


Brill has become more than just a music shop, it has evolved into a hangout for music lovers and hipsters from all over London. As you approach the Clerkenwell location you’re invited in by the promise of music, coffee and bagels. The in-house radio station plays a selection of the shop’s best music, as visitors sit down to a nice cup of coffee. The social aspect of this unique establishment is the main selling point, but that doesn’t mean the record collection is something to turn your nose up at. The vast library of genres includes different types of vintage and modern releases. If you want to enjoy a snack and talk with like-minded people about all things music, then Brill is the place to be.

Banquet Records

Live music from local talent, regular acoustic sessions and a collection of vinyl that’ll leave your head spinning, what more could you ask for from a record shop? Banquet Records is the hub of the Kingston music scene and has been satisfying the vinyl needs of local crate diggers for years. The small but mighty record store has featured some of the biggest names in music at their regular gig nights. If you want a real taste of London’s music scene then make sure you head over to Banquet records.

Casbah Records

This quirky little record shop has become a vinyl hotspot in Greenwich thanks to its unique style and friendly atmosphere. Casbah Records started out as an indie stall at the Greenwich Market but has now set its roots in a more permanent location in The Beehive on Church Street. The authentic-style record dealer specialises in edgy girl groups, 60s soul and garage music, but their collection also includes a range of classic rock and contemporary genres. You can also find vintage comics, second-hand books and DVDs at Casbah. If you find yourself wandering through Greenwich then be sure to pop into this vintage gem.