London: The city’s best views

London View

Being the capital city that it is, it’s natural that London boasts skyscrapers that provide visitors with towering, glittering views of the city’s skyline. And for those who are enamoured by such a prospect, below you’ll find a list of the range of skyscrapers worth considering during your visit.

Of course, you've most likely heard of London Eye already. But we feel it's worth offering you a few tips if you do go on this attraction. For one, consider buying a special package, fit with champagne and fast track access – perfect for a lovely romantic evening with your loved one. To make it extra special, consider going during sunset – the perfect time to bask in the beautiful glow of the London sky as it showers the city with its golden yellow hue.

The Shard is the second attraction we recommend, and inside guests will find Sushi Samba – which provides a blend of Japanese, Brazilian, and Peruvian cuisine. And you can do that, and then bask in an earth-shattering view of the city’s landscape. Being one of the tallest buildings in Western Europe, it alongside London Eye is most definitely worth experiencing. Note however that you’ll need to dress somewhat professional to gain access.

We recommend you visit both these attractions for the simple reason, that one just isn't quite enough to give you that full contextual view of the city. Of course, there's more to a city that views. But we feel that a holiday in London just isn't complete without a few views of the city. For something that's a little different, also consider a River Thames cruise. While it's no match to the towering views provided by the London Eye and the Shard, taking a scenic tour of a city along a boat is a fantastic way to see London in a different light.

So, after you book your stay at one of the luxury hotels in London, make sure you use your time to see the city in a variety of different ways. Book your stay at the Montcalm Royal London House this season to learn more.