How to Plan a Perfect Stay in London

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London is a vibrant city, filled with attractions and activities. In that sense, it can be fantastic for travellers who are looking for a fun adventure at some point in the year. At the same time, it can also be challenging to determine how to make use best of everything that's available. That's why we've provided you with this article. We want you to experience a superb stay in the city – and that can only be achieved if you take the right measures in advance.

For one, you’ll want to book your stay well in advance. That way, you’ll be spared of all the anxieties that can come with leaving things to the last minute. Secondly, you’ll want to book a luxury hotel in the centre of the city – that way, everything you desire from London will be within an hour away, at most.

A Letter from The Montcalm RLH

We also invite you to consider purchasing a London Pass – which will give you automatic access to the city's best attractions. In fact, you'll be able to access more than 150 different attractions, which include the London Eye, Madame Tussauds and much more. And with the London Pass app, wherever you are in the city, you'll be able to determine which attractions are nearby conveniently. Plus, you'll even be able to skip the queue!

We also encourage you to look out for London Hotels Special Offers - which will allow you to experience luxury living for even less than you might expect. While London is indeed an expensive city by all accounts, it’s not as bad as some say. The Montcalm Royal London City hotel is a prime example of accommodation that provides offers during selected periods in the year.

Other than that, it'll be wise to purchase an Oyster card on your visit. Instead of buying day travel cards, or using your Contactless card, with an Oyster card you’ll be more easily able to determine just how much you’ve spent on transport during your stay. Besides, you’ll also receive a discount compared to using travel cards. We hope these tips helps you experience a perfect stay in London this season!