How to slow down in a fast-paced city

london city

A trip to London can often be filled with long queues, fast crowds and busy shopping trips. The fast-paced nature of the city is part of its charm, but sometimes it can be nice to get away from the hustle and bustle.

If you find yourself getting overwhelmed during your stay, then it’s a good idea to slow down and try to find ways to relax. We’ve put together a helpful guide to share some of our favourite quiet corners for relaxation in London.

Take a walk

The main retail districts of the city are always full of busy tourists and people rushing around trying to get their shopping done. If you venture away from the central areas into the quieter boroughs you’ll find some nice scenic routes to take a walk. The many parks dotted throughout London are also great places to escape the stress of the city. Any of the Royal Parks such as Hyde Park or St James’ Park are full of beautiful greenery that will help you relax in the afternoon sun. An evening stroll down South Bank along the Thames River would be perfect for a couple looking to de-stress after a busy day.

Spa trip

If you really want to slow down and relax, then a trip to the spa is always a good idea. You’ll forget all about the busy streets and loud noises of the city as you pamper yourself at one of London’s many luxury spas. Getting a relaxing massage and then soaking in the hot tub all afternoon is the best way to let go of your stress and escape from the hustle of the hectic city. Our friends at the Montcalm Royal London House have one of the best spas in London, which offers a wide range of different treatments and facilities.

A night in

Sometimes the best way to relax is to stay in and hide away from the busy streets in your own private paradise. The luxury suites at the Montcalm Royal London City are perfect for a peaceful night in and one of our personal favourite quiet corners for relaxation in London. If you’re a couple that has had a hectic day, then there’s no better way to relax than enjoying a soak in the tub with a bottle of wine. If you’re visiting the hotel by yourself then you could put your feet up with a warm drink, glass of bubbly and read a book, or watch your favourite TV show.

River cruise

If you want to get away from London’s busy streets then you should leave dry land and take to the city’s waterways. There are plenty of rivers and canal systems that run through London’s boroughs. Take a trip down the famous Thames River and look out at the historic skyline as you float past the bustling streets. If you really want to escape then take a one-person kayak, pop some headphones in and make your way down the quieter areas of the river for a truly relaxing experience. The waterways of London still let you see the amazing sights of the city, without having to deal with big crowds and busy streets.