Top 10 things to see along the Thames


This may seem like a long list, but remember that the Thames is a long river—in fact, at 215 miles, it’s the longest river entirely in England. It runs through the middle of London, splitting the capital neatly in two.


Start your first day in London off right with the ultimate sightseeing trip. It’s not far from hotels near Liverpool Street Station to the Thames, and then all you need to do is hop in a boat. Plenty of boats will sail you up and down the famous river, pointing out landmarks from a side that landbound tourists don’t get to see.


If you’re staying at the Montcalm, London, you’re already treating yourself. Why not go a step further and book yourself a Bond-like trip in a speedboat on the river? Zip past pedestrians as you enjoy a wild ride that will show you all of London’s highlights.

Tower Bridge

This might be the bridge that most people think of when London comes up. The impressive stone becomes even more impressive when you realise it can actually split to let boats through. If you want to witness it for yourself, check the times when it will open, which are posted on the bridge’s website.

The Globe

Shakespeare’s theatre has been recreated in loving detail on the banks of the Thames, and is still used today to educate and entertain. People can learn about Shakespeare, his influence and his plays. You might not have time to watch a play here, but you’ll be able to explore!

Hampton Court

Go from one kind of luxury, staying at the Montcalm London, to another when you visit Henry VIII’s favourite palace. The gardens are amazing, and for those who love art they can see plenty of work that belongs to the Royal Collection.

The London Eye

The London Eye is a one-of-a-kind tourist attraction; you share a pod with others as the giant sightseeing wheel turns to give you the best view of London. The slow-moving wheel gives you an incredible view over the landscape.

Kew Gardens

If you want a day of nature, head to Kew Gardens. These botanic gardens are stuffed full of rare plants which the public are welcome to see and smell. There’s even a treetop walkway for adventurous types!

OXO Tower

OXO Tower is a beloved London landmark; it has turned from a power station to a cold store (used by OXO stock cubes) to a hip design and cultural centre on London’s South Bank. You can find shops, cafes, bars and even event spaces inside.

Big Ben

Big Ben may not be bonging any more while it’s being mended, but it’s still the most famous clock in the world. If you don’t take a photo with the famous clock in the background, have you even visited London?


You might not be able to see fish in the river, but the SEALIFE centre—formally London Aquarium—has you covered.