Best free vantage points with great views of London

London eye

London is an amazing city with some of the best attractions to see in Britain. It offers an exciting blend of the modern with the medieval, which makes it one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world. With more than 16 million visitors every year it is the most visited tourist spot in Great Britain.

And there are plenty of options to choose from in terms of accommodation from 5 star hotels in London to several budget hotels including B & Bs. With so much to see and explore the city, it is best to choose a hotel that is located in the city centre.

One such fine boutique hotel is the Montcalm Hotel London, which despite its luxurious surroundings is relatively moderately priced. There are some great places in the city, to get a spectacular view of the city skyline with some great free options which include....

Sky Garden

It is one of the most contemporary skyscrapers that have popped up on the London skyline and is located at 20 Fen church Street. It is referred to by the locals as Walkie-Talkie and is a glass edifice with a unique shape. Its curved glass design spreads out as it moves further up and it has a very strong reflection, so strong in fact that it allegedly damaged a car.  Get to the top floor of this landmark and there is a spectacular enlarged glass dome which is home to three stories of stunningly landscaped gardens with an open terrace and observations decks. It is the highest garden of its type in the city and totally free of cost. Although free, tickets have to be booked in advance from the Sky Garden website.

The Tate Modern

Another terrific spot to get some of the finest aerial views of London including St. Paul’s Cathedral is the Tate Modern Museum. It also offers a stunning vista of the Millennium Bridge, which stretches across the river from the Tate to the Cathedral. Practically the entire city can be seen as the museum is located in the centre of the city. Whether you are an art buff or not a visit to the Tate Modern is recommended, if nothing else for the excellent aerial views of the city skyline.

New Change

It is one of the more modern constructions that is located aside iconic St. Paul’s Cathedral. The New Change building is home to a number of restaurants, offices and shops. However, one of the best kept secrets of the New Change building is its amazing public roof garden that is situated on top! While the word “garden” is rather a misnomer as there is no greenery to mention as such, it does indeed offer incredible  views of the city from east to west, apart from a grand view of its neighbour St. Paul’s Cathedral. A great place for photography enthusiasts to capture unparallel views of London! In the summer there are screens put-up which display the latest sports events from across the world.

Primrose Hill

The idyllic spot of Primrose Hill can be found on the outskirts of Camden It is home to the  trendy Primrose Hill district a location that has luxury homes of the rich and famous. It is a short distance from Regent’s Park and London Zoo. Of course getting to the top is fairly challenging as it takes quite a bit of energy to get to the top! With a gradual incline and paved paths visitors have to sweat it out to ascend to its summit. Once atop the summit it offers the most sublime views of the city and is incredibly tranquil too! Visitors can gaze way past the rolling hills and trees of Regent’s Park right into the West End. Also visible are the BT Tower, the Shard and the Walkie-Talkie among other prominent attractions. For those who want to catch their breath and rest a while, there are benches to plonk down on and admire the vista that unfolds beneath.

Hampstead Heath

Parliament Heath on Hampstead Heath is a sprawling 791-acre parkland that is located in a hilly area to the North of London. Historians speculate that during the English Civil War there was a fair bit of military activity in the area. Whether it was due to its vantage point over the city or for any other reason, Parliament Hill is certainly one of the most prominent spots in London that offers the best views over the city.  The vista from its peak is simply breathtaking which sweeps entirely across the city. And with plenty of park land in its surroundings it is a popular picnic spot with Londoners who want to escape the noise and sound of the city. A great place to explore on foot Parliament Hill is not to be missed on a visit to London.