The best Indian eateries in London


Brick Lane is the place that everyone points to when asked to name somewhere famous for Indian food in London. But just because Brick Lane has many curry houses, it doesn’t mean it’s the only street where you can get good curry in the city of London.

Curry has become something of a national food in Britain, with Vindaloo supposedly having been invented by a Scottish chef, so it’s no surprise that London has some of the best Indian food around!

Amaya, Belgravia

When you’re staying in hotels in London city, it’s an occasion. Treat yourself by heading to the coolest spot in town—and that’s Amaya right now, which specialises in tapas with an Indian flair. Chefs work in an open kitchen where you can see them working using traditional ingredients like a charcoal grill, griddle and clay tandoor. The fusion cuisine even incorporates beef.

Apollo Banana Leaf, Tooting

If you like your hot food very hot, then Apollo Banana Leaf is for you! Spices haven’t been watered down to suit the British palate, so if you think you can handle these authentic Sri Lankan flavours, then you’ll enjoy yourself. It’s Bring Your Own Bottle, but the food is so good that you won’t mind. Be wary of the two-spice rating!

Calcutta Street, Fitzrovia

This pop-up food stall was so popular that it’s become permanent. They serve traditional Bengali dishes like mutton curry with the bone in, or the home-cooked style prawn malai kari with plenty of coconut. The dining room might be small, but the portions are big and the flavours even greater. Although they do offer snacks, those aren’t the main draw; this is authentic Indian cuisine, the way it was meant to be eaten. You’ll be thinking about it all the way back to your room at Montcalm Royal London City hotel.

Cinnamon Club, Westminster

This restaurant can be found in this Grade II-listed Victorian building, and it’s an established place. The chef even has his own signature dish, a lamb curry, although seafood is popular here too. Rumour has it that politicians enjoy coming here after a late night of policy-making to enjoy rustic dishes made with a professional eye. The cooking is tempered to British tastes, but it has incredible flavours.

Kricket, Soho

If you want to see the chefs expertly prepare your food, come to Kricket. Sit at the L-shaped counter where you can see into the kitchen and watch the chefs roll kathi (roasted kebabs) or making your butter garlic crab. Food is served in simple bowls, all the better to let the curry flavours combine before they explode happily in your mouth. They do aromatic rice pudding if you need something delicate to help your palate recover after all that spice, as well as the favourite drink of the moment, masala chai.

It’s an intimate feel, but it’s not so small that it feels crowded. In fact, it might be a good stop for date night.